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by anonymous
FW V: RUT9XX_R_00.06.08.5

Today the 955 won't boot after restart, it has failed to fully power up.

Initially the power light came on the ports flashed but the power light remained on and that was it. I could not reach the router via terminal.

I did a hard reset. Since I did this  power on LED pattern is as follows. Plug in power light comes on all ports come on for 10-12 seconds then they switch off. But the power remains on. If I leave the power plugged in the power led remains lit and all the port LEDs turn on and off for 10-12 second periods in rotation.

I hope someone can shed some light This would be my second dead 955 in 5 years.
by anonymous
An update I have left the box alone with the laptop plugged into port one.

The box seems to have now come on without any lights on the signal still but the port is now active. I have tried again connection via terminal and nothing. I swapped from port 1 to 2 and the light goes out on port 1 as of it were working and the light on port 2 comes on flashes a few times then remains lit as it did with port one.

This is replicated with port 3 also.

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by anonymous


Could you try firmware update following bootloader recovery procedure, as described here?

If it does not help, not much else can be done, as the referenced procedure is the last-resort option from client's side and the router should be replaced.

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