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by anonymous
Dear forum,

RUTX50 and RUTX14 need four antennas.
If I would like to add SISO antennas on these devices do any of them considered as main and any as auxiliary such as other 4G Routers of Teltonika?

I have read here and on Poynting documents that on 4G Routers it is suggested to use a high antenna as main and a low gain antenna as auxiliary, is there any pattern like this on 5G Routers? For example 2 High Gain and 2 Low Gain or 1 High Gain and 3 Low Gain Antennas?

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by anonymous



All of the antennas on the RUTX50 and TRB500 are considered main.

However, if the device will mainly operate on low and middle LTE bands, I'd recommend using the two side connectors for the antennas. Even if the middle antennas are unused, I would still recommend using the provided antennas and avoiding leaving the mobile SMA connectors disconnected.

My colleague has provided a very good explanation and some testing on this thread.


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