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by anonymous

I Have several Trb255 devices, but only one with connectionproblem to CAT-M1. So i tried new firmware.
The others running at 07.01.4 

This one is currently running 07.04.3
Everything seems to work but modbus -> data_to_server there is something happening.

Im requesting my sensor at register 84. 10 values 
And in the test section i get correct replies. "Request successful, result: 22.989384,0.000000,0.000000,1.418499,0.000000"

But the datasender sends "9997.000000,9997.000000,9997.000000,9997.000000,9997.000000"  to mqtt server. when adding %z to the format. 
The response turns out " 9997.000000,9997.000000,9997.000000,9997.000000,9997.000000,400084"  . ?? 400084 ?? Where does that come from? only 84 should be requested?

by anonymous

after checking the /tmp/modbus_db

I can see there is probably not the data_to_server that is wrong but the writes to the db.
Since it contains the wrong results as well.

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by anonymous


It would be great if you could replicate the issue, then access the router's WebUI, go to SYSTEM > ADMINISTRATION > TROUBLESHOOT section, download troubleshoot file from there and send it to me.

Logs in this file will help to answer what causes this issue.

400084 if the FULL Modbus address, we just skipp the part of 400000, use another variable to get just the 84, it's %s

by anonymous
I see, but since it was wrong values in the modbus_db i gave up, couldnt spend more time troubleshooting an item that needs to work.

So i rolled back to 07.02.7. Which hasnt the 'new' serial modbus master and it works as it should.
Next time an station with trb255 comes in i will try the newer firmware again.