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by anonymous
I have read many threads about this problem with almost all RUT devices so I dont know if I will get a satisfying answer.

I also have terrible 4G speeds using the RUT240. I thought I might gain some speed by using the QuSpot for Teltonika RUT200/241/240/230 P/N: A240S but this also has no effect.

The signal is excellent (see attachment) but the speeds I get are 5mb/5mb while I get 250/50 on my phone.

Yeah I see the standard answer a lot mentioning the CAT4 standard in the RUT240 vs the CAT6 and higer in other devices.

But CAT4 should be able to do 150mbit, which would be fine with me, but it is a long way from 150mbit with only 5mbit. I would be a happy camper with 50mbit.

So what's up with this product?

Do I need to look for some other product? Or do you guys have a solution for me?

Greets, Kim

1 Answer

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by anonymous



With the signal parameters in your screenshot, the speeds should definitely be higher. This could be due to tower load or the wrong band being used.

Since cell towers rarely have only one band, I will ask you to test a few different bands by whitelisting them in the Network → Mobile → General menu. The bands that could provide better performance from your carrier would be:

  • B7 (usually the highest throughput);
  • B3;
  • B1;
  • B38 (similar to B7);
  • B32;

When testing, add all of the mentioned bands and check which one the router auto-connects to. It should also be noted, that it's better to perform a speed test on the LAN device, rather than the RUT240. Let me know how it goes!


Best regards,