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by anonymous

We have 77 teltonika routers for remote installations. We use ssh via port forwarding to reach our machines behind the teltonika router, also we have a nginx server that presents a webapp, this is also behind port forward.

Recently port forwarding drops data and we cannot reach our machines periodically. What happens is that when we connect to a machine via port forward and run a command that uses displays some data in the terminal, we get a few lines printed then the connection is dropped. Same if we try to access the web-server that is behind port forwarding we do not get to the web app. 

I think the issue first occured when we upgraded to firmware 7xx, this was needed to make RMS work ( a colleague told me ). If i open ssh on the router and use that as a reverse proxy (not via port forward) everything works fine. Router web gui also works without a problem, it's only the machines behind port forwarding that has any issues.

Anyone else have this issue?

It's mostly the TRB 140 routers, but I think also RUT 955 with 7.xx.x firmware has issues. A reboot can help, but not always.

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by anonymous


It could be that the issue is Mobile MTU related. You could try lovering the mobile interface MTU to 1428.

The option for that can be found in the Advanced setting of the MOB1S1A1 interface and is called Override MTU

by anonymous
Hello and thank you for your response

Sadly 1428 mtu on the mob1s1a1 interface did not help. I must mention that this is a periodic problem. The routers can work with port forwarding, but of all our routers there is always some of them that does not work with port-forwarding.

They have been wokring flawlessly until we upgraded firmware to make them RMS compatible. Not sure what the last firmware was, but I'm guessing 6.x.x