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by anonymous


Looking for some guidance if anyone could help.  I've successfully brought up a GRE tunnel between a TRB140 device and an Arista Router, however, I need to tunnel everything from the LAN side of the TRB140 over the tunnel.  I cannot work out how to tell the device to just tunnel everything sourced from the LAN to exit over the GRE tunnel.

The LAN side of the TRB140 is actually configured with some public IP's rather than private also, whether this makes any difference (i.e. disabling NAT).

Any help appreciated.


by anonymous

Just to update from myself incase anyone else needs to achieve this.  Someone did comment on this but the answer has disappeared.

1) I had to disable NAT (masquerading) on the GRE related interfaces in Network > Firewall > General Settings.

2) I then needed a way to set the other end of the GRE tunnel as the default route.  To achieve this I added a cronjob that runs every 2 minutes or so to check whether the GRE tunnel was up, and if so add a default route. 

root@TRB140:~# crontab -l
*/2 * * * * /sbin/
root@TRB140:~# cat /sbin/
RUN=`/sbin/ip addr show dev gre4-bri_mkn | grep "UP,LOWER_UP"`
if [ $? -eq 0 ]
        echo "Tunnel is up";
        /sbin/ip route add default via X.X.X.X

This is probably not the best way to achieve this but it works :)

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