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by anonymous
Hi All,

I have TRB140 running on  TRB1_R_00.07.04.2 firmware.

The device seems to be offline on Thursday 8th June 2023 at 9.20 GMT+8. after further troubleshooting we found out that the device doesn't have internet connectivity (can't ping and ping

The mobile signal is good and internet quota is still available.

I have attached troubleshooting logs for further details, please help


1 Answer

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by anonymous


Kindly note as per the troubleshoot file the RSRP Value is high which is causing a disconnection and issue "-114 RSRP"

As per the signal strength recommendation -100 is causing a no signal "Disconnection"

Kindly refer to the link below for Signal Strength Recommendations

You can find the signal parameters in troubleshoot file as below:

troubleshoot file > GSM > scroll down then you will find it out.

Best Regards

Best answer
by anonymous
Hi There,

Thanks for your reply, the signal was bad so it causes disconnection few days ago. but today I've added antenna so the RSRP value is -82 which is good, but still after RSRP is already good the device can't connect using mobile data.

Any suggestion on how to reconnect the device with mobile data ? I've tried to change the firmware version, rebooting device and setting APN manually. all of that is not solving the issue