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by anonymous


On the 8th of June, 2023, 8 of our Teltonika RUT955 routers suddenly went offline. In our OpenVPN WebUI the routers were offline and not reachable from another device in the VPN. I started trubleshooting instantly.

I restartet one of these routers which ist connected wie Mobile-SIM with the internet via sending a SMS-Command. Suddenly the router came back online and connected to the VPN. Just a few moments later (I think it was approximately 3 to 4 hours) the router disconnected again.

My next steps were Upgrading/Downgradign the FW, I also tried reconfiguring the OpenVPN-Tunnel... but nothing worked.

Can you tell me why the router keeps beeing not reachable for other devices in the VPN?

Thanks in advance!

Your sincerely,

Bernhard Hackl

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by anonymous


Please keep in mind that based on the screenshot, you seem to be using an RMS VPN. Please correct me if I am wrong. 

Please keep in mind that if more than one "VPN Client" device attempts to connect to the same VPN configuration file, there will be conflict and disconnection.

Please keep in mind that you can avoid issues by downloading the most recent OpenVPN software on link below

Please let me know when the issue has been fixed.

Best Regards,

Best answer
by anonymous

Thanks for your reply. This Client ist the only one which connects to this configuration file.

There are no multiple connections ongoing.