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by anonymous

I do have a device, connected to LAN1 port, which likes to go down from time to time. This event is also detected by teltonika since it reports "Port link state of port LAN1 changed to down". I then have a relay that is connected to teltonika output and that can cut the power to that device and force it to restart. But I haven't found a way to do this automatically. I have tried CLI but since LAN ports are bridged I can not get a way to get a state of port by some command (like ip a or ifconfig etc.). I know that this is duable by using logread and checking for that specific event but I would like to avoid that.

So question is: Is there a way to change output of I/O after detecting that port LAN1 link state changed to down?

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by anonymous

For that, you would need to use hotplug scripts.

The message on the logread is generated by hotplug script.

How to work with hotplug, you can find here

To turn on or off IO states, use ubus commands, more specifically

ubus call ioman.gpio.din1 invert_value '{"save_conf":False}'

this would flip the state