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by anonymous
I have TRB500 that needs to connect to external antennas. It is a drop-in replacement of the previous router so the antennas will remain the same. The antennas in questions are 2x Poynting XPOL-2-5G V3 MIMO, each of them having 2 SMA connectors, 4 in total. Is there any requirements concerning layout on where to connect two SMA connectors of the antenna? For example, should I connect first antenna to ports 1 & 2, and second to ports 3 & 4, or in any different layout, or it really doesn't matter? BTW, FYI both antennas are pointing in the same direction.

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by anonymous


As long as both antennas are identical, and they are pointing in the same direction, there should be no difference where each connector goes. The two inner SMA connectors are mostly used for high bands in both 4G and 5G spectrum, while the outer ones are for lower bands, so since these antennas are identical, it does not really matter.

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by anonymous
Thanks for your answer.

I hope that some guidance should be made available in the documentation. I could't find anything about external antennas.