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by anonymous
Hello guys,

I am trying to measure the maximum transmit power of WiFi of the RUT955 using a power meter. Based on the datasheet, the maximum RF exposure of the RUT955 for WiFi is 20dBm but when using the power meter, I can only get the peak at 4dBm.

I have set the transmit power at the Wireless Access Point to 100%. What should I do to ensure the RUT can have a higher peak of transmit power as 4dBm is very low for me to calculate the EIRP.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

How are you performing the measurements?

WiFI testing requires specialized Qualcomm testing software, which, unfortunately, cannot be simply provided in the public forum. In order to proceed with this, you would need to contact your local Teltonika sales representative.

Alternatively, you can try attaching a high gain directional antenna to the router, to increase the received power by your measuring equipment.

Best regards,
by anonymous
Thank you for your response,

I am measuring the transmit power of the router using the power meter equipment in the lab. The power meter will be connected to the WiFi antenna connector and the power meter will display what is the TX power value. I am not measuring the power of WiFi but more towards the transmit power of the RUT955 when the wireless access point is enabled.  However, I am not getting near the maximum TX power as stated in the datasheet which is 20dBm. I'm only getting a peak at 5dBm which is relatively low.

During the measurement, the antenna will not be used. Can you recommend to me how do I ensure the RUT settings are good to ensure the router is already transmitting its maximum power? I need the TX power to calculate the EIRP of the router for a project.

Best Regards.