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by anonymous
I was wondering what would happen if SIM Switching was configured but no second SIM is installed. Would it try to switch and wait the configured time to switch back to SIM1 or would it just stay on SIM1? I would prefer if nothing happened and it stayed on SIM1.

I'm asking because I currently have to manage about 100+ devices not all of which have to SIM cards installed and I already have enough different config versions to worry about and this would cut the number in half.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to test the behavior since i would have to block the signal on SIM1 in order to trigger the switch since I don't want to change the primary SIM to SIM2.


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by anonymous


The SIM Switch will happen, as the device does not have a way to know if SIM2 is installed or not while it is operating on SIM1. However, once it switches, and the condition No Network is met a predetermined amount of times it will switch back to SIM1. The only thing that could be done here, is the periods between checks (and the amount of checks) can be reduced on SIM2, so the switch back to be as fast as possible.


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