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by anonymous
When going to System -> Package Manager on RUT240 router, we are constantly getting "Failed to get packages from server" message and no packages are listed except the ones that are already installed.

Sometimes (short periods of time) it shows the packages as expected, so we suspect this is the problem on Teltonika side. Please check and let us know.

Thank you.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Please update your device's firmware and check, if the issue persist.

Best regards,
by anonymous
Hello. Sorry, not able to update the firmware, forgot to mention this.

We will stick with this version, no options.

Could you please verify why we cannot get the Package Manager listing as we could before.

Thank you.
by anonymous

I cannot.

I can suggest to reset the router to factory default settings and try again.

Double check device's connectivity to the internet.

Check, if your desired package cannot be found in this page and uploaded to the router.

Alternatively, login to the device via SSH, execute command below:

  • opkg update

Then append the following command with the name of the package you want to install:

  • opkg install <package name>

You can list available packages with:

  • opkg list

In case you are looking for something specific, you can add | grep to the following command.

Best regards,