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by anonymous
Currently I am struggling to figure out what I need to do to allow TCP outgoing connections on rutx50, if I even need to do anything. As I am struggling to make a connection.

the command Im using "echo "hello" | nc IPv4LAN Port" . Note that I am accessing using ssh. The routers are far away.

Also using curl to connect via http does not work either.

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by anonymous


It would best to first check with telnet if the port is reachable on the other end.

The test would be 

telnet IPv4 Port

Also, could you provide the full topology of your network

by anonymous
my bad, I was trying to use LAN address when Im not in local area network. I can ping using my public IP now and the nc problem is likely because I cant find any listening ports on my computer.
by anonymous

I cant find where to get network topology? Ive logged in to webUI. Theres only 1 router I want to test this on. 

Ive sorted the port situation out and checked that the port is available so here is the main problem then:

Using this code in python (server side) to listen for connection 

and this command via ssh on router "echo hello | nc mypublicIP 6089"  with response: connection refused but command "ping mypublicIP" works with 0% packet loss.

HOST = ''  

PORT = 6089

s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET,socket.SOCK_STREAM)

    s.bind((HOST, PORT))

    print('Listening', HOST)


    conn, addr = s.accept()

by anonymous

Connection refused means that the router was able to reach the end PC but the PC rejected the package on that port number.

There are two possibilities:

* PC firewall does not allow inbound connections from 6089 port

* 6089 port is not being listened for