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by anonymous

I have Teltonika RUT 360 devices which connects to my Wireless network on WAN port. The IP range of wireless is and the LAN range of RUT 360 is

I can ping from 192.168.3.x network to the IP's of wireless which is 192.168.50.x but i cannot ping 192.168.3.x network from 192.168.50.x network. The WAN interface is configured as Wifi client.

Can someone make suggest me where am i going wrong here? I don't want to convert WAN interface as LAN as i want my robots to be in 192.168.3.x network and not on 192.168.50.x for many config reasons.

Please suggest.



1 Answer

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by anonymous


By default, when you configure your RUT360 router to connect as a WiFi client to another WiFi AP, the connected network is placed in the 'WAN' firewall zone. The 'WAN' zone permits traffic from the LAN to the WAN, but it rejects traffic from the WAN to the LAN. This firewall configuration might be the cause of the issue you are experiencing, as it blocks traffic coming from the WiFi network.

If you are solely relying on the WiFi connection and not using wired Ethernet or a mobile connection for internet access, you can modify the firewall settings:

  • Access the router's configuration interface and navigate to Network -> Firewall -> General settings.
  • Edit the 'WAN => REJECT' firewall zone settings.
  • Under the "Inter-Zone Forwarding" section, include the LAN as an allowed forward destination zone.
  • Save the changes.

This will enable traffic from the WAN zone to the LAN zone.

Alternatively, you have the option to assign the connected WiFi network to a separate custom firewall zone. By doing so, you can achieve a configuration where traffic from the WAN zone is rejected, while traffic from the newly assigned zone can be configured to allow traffic to LAN.

You can find some information regarding firewall inter-zone communication on our wiki page here.

In case I misunderstood your issue, please, provide more details and include a topology of how everything should be interconnected.

Also, keep in mind that it is possible to have multiple WiFi instances on the device with different subnets. Thus, this can be used to separate networks.

Kind Regards,