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Hi, we use RUT955 devices together with GPS Gate Server (AVL- transmission) for vehicle tracking. We equipped 9 vehicles with RUT955 devices. With every device we encounter GPS location problems. Sometimes for short periods of time (30 sec) up to several hours satellite count is 0 and the AVL data stream is tagged as invalid. If I manually (google map) check the submitted GPS locations, they’re all correct as far as I can tell. We placed the GPS antennas at different places (inside car, roof, top of side mirror) but this seems to have very little impact. If the RUT955 has a valid position, satellite count usually is between 10 and 12. We use different FW from RUT9XX_R_00.06.02 up to R_00.06.03.2 but I can’t see any difference regarding GPS accuracy. We only use original GPS antennas supplied with the device. I now have two questions:

-          Where is the best place to mount the GPS antenna and what should I keep in mind when installing it?

-          Is there a way to tag the AVL data stream as valid regardless of signal quality, as the positions sent by the device are all perfectly fine?

Thanks a lot for your help


As I understood your problem - AVL is counted as invalid because satellite count is 0?

As for the questions you gave:

  1. Best place for mounting the antennas are anywhere with a clear direction to the sky so valid options are pretty much any of the spots you chose except inside the car.
  2. Only option would be to find a possibility to configure GPS Gate Server so that it ignores AVL packet differences - but I haven't had any chance to use the software you are using.
by anonymous
I’m not sure what’s the reason the AVL gets counted as Invalid. From GPS Gate Support I got the following answer as why some records are invalid: “ It is the device, and not GpsGate that determines if a position is valid or invalid.” My guess is, its determined by the satellite count value. We did some additional testing with the gpsctl command. Whenever satellite count drops to 0 other values are still ok. While driving on a countryside road with no obstacles we had a satellite count of 7 and an accuracy of 0.700000. Then satellite count suddenly dropped to 0 while accuracy still was 0.700000 and position (latitude / longitude) still got updated. After about half a minute satellite count got back to 7. We were not able to reproduce this behaviour at the exact same location again, but it happened at different other locations afterwards. As far as I can tell it only happens with higher satellite counts (7-12). For testing purposes I put the antenna in the glove compartment of the car and the satellite count was around 4 to 6 on the same 100km test drive but we never had a satellite count drop to 0. The higher the satellite count as more often and for longer times the satellite count drops to 0. When driving on a highway with an average satellite count of 10 to 12 it sometimes drops to 0 for around 150km before it goes back to 10 or 12. But position and accuracy values are always ok.

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Similar issue occured for another client and the fix is prepared and is in testing state.
by anonymous


Test firmware with fixes you can download via this link:

by anonymous

We deployed the firmware on 3 devices and after around 500km driving it does look very promising. We didn’t had any satellite count drops to 0 on the upgraded devices yet.