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by anonymous

I'm trying to submit a form that's running a web page on a local device connected to an RUT950.  I keep getting a content policy error along the lines of the following:

"refused to send form data to '' because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "form-action 'self' *".

Is there a setting I can adjust in RMS / Teltonika so that I can submit the form?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

There is no place to change or adjust it.

What is it that you're exactly trying to do here, please explain a bit more? Are you trying to reach a web page on that port/IP that is hosted on the router or anyt other device, or is that page trying to send something to RMS?
by anonymous
I'm trying to reach a web page on that port / IP that is hosted on the router.  I am not trying to send anything to RMS.
by anonymous
Is your application using CSP headers on your web app?

Because if you are, that's what could be  causing the issue as we cannot remove them from all of the web pages, only /account/authorize has it removed
by anonymous
No, it is not using CSP headers.  It's just submitting a form via form action:

<FORM action="" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="POST">

Any suggestions?