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by anonymous

Hello dear community,

I now also have the RUTX50 and am trying to amplify my WIFI from home. I am trying this out so that I can use it at the campsite for the campsite's WiFi.

The problem is that when I connect as a client to my HOME WIFI (GOZI), the 5GHZ no longer emits a signal in access point mode.

I suspect that it is using all the wifi antennas to connect to the HOME network? Does anyone have any idea what the problem is? The 2.4GHZ works quite normally.

Another question: Is it possible to connect the 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ WLAN? It works with the Fritz Box. This has the advantage that I don't have 2 separate WLANs.

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by anonymous

When you set up the 5GHz WiFi in client mode, the 5GHz access point (AP) should remain accessible.

Could you please confirm if you are currently using the most recent firmware version?

Have you tried to simply delete the existing WiFi client instance and reconfigure it again? Also, try rebooting the device afterwards if the SSID is not visible.

Kind Regards,

Best answer
by anonymous
Hello Andzej,

I have installed the firmware 7.04.3.

I'll try everything else this afternoon and then give feedback.

Do you know when firmware 7.05 will be released and can you confirm that it will solve the problem with captive portal?
by anonymous

It seems that there are some known issues when the device uses DFS channels on 5GHz and has both, client and AP configured at the same time. If possible, could you please try changing the channel on the access point you are connecting to?

Regarding your question about the v7.5 FW. The current plan is to release it in July if everything goes according to plan. Unfortunately, I do not have any information regarding the issue with the captive portal, and we will have to wait for the release (I assume you are referring to the WiFi configuration in client mode when connecting to Hotspots).

Kind Regards,

by anonymous
Hello Anzej,

You are right, I have set my 5GHZ channel of the home network (Fritz Box) to 40 as a test. Now this mode works without the 5GHZ network (GOZI__WW) switching off.

Will this problem be fixed in the new firmware in July?

About Captive Portal:

The camping community would like you to integrate some kind of browser into the firmware, so that the WLAN of the camping site, which usually uses a login page to log on to the WLAN, can be integrated.

I read somewhere in the forum that this is planned for firmware 7.5.

Can you confirm this?