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by anonymous
On my RUTX50 I want to be able to select specific LTE modem bands for a specific sim using crontab command at certain times when I switch between sims allowing me to select specific eNB ID mast in my locale at different times during a day or given period.

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by anonymous


It is possible to change the allowed bands for a SIM card via WebUI in Network -> Mobile -> General. There, you can select a type of network and enter the desired bands manually for each SIM card.

You can then change these bands via AT commands. You can find information about band locking with AT commands on our wiki page here.

You can also try using UCI. For example, when you have the bands configured, you can see the allowed bands via UCI:

  • uci show simcard


  • uci show simcard.@sim[0].lte

sim[0] and sim[1] are the first and second SIM cards, respectively.

The bands are a list, so to add a band 3 to a list, for example:

  • uci add_list simcard.@sim[0].lte='lte_b3'

Or to delete all entries and enter a new one:

  • uci set simcard.@sim[0].lte='lte_b32'

When making changes via UCI, do not forget to commit the changes:

  • uci commit simcard

You can also the following commands to force the device to change bands.

To restart gsmd service:

  • /etc/init.d/gsmd restart

To reboot the whole modem:

  • gsmctl -Q

Thus, if you want to change the bands periodically using Crontabs, I would suggest creating a script that applies all the changes and executing it via Crontabs as needed. For example, you can create the script in the '/etc/' directory to ensure it is retained even after a device reboot.

Inside the script, include all the necessary commands to modify the modem bands according to your requirements.

Make the script executable using the command:

  • chmod +x /path/to/

Configure Crontabs to execute the script at the desired intervals using the 'crontab -e' command. Crontabs information is available here.

Kind Regards,