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by anonymous
Is there a possibility to obtain the RSSI and current operator name from the mobile connection on a RUT360 using a HTTP request?

My setup consist of a PLC (which can only handle HTTP get/post requests), connected to a RUT360 using a LAN connection.

I am able to obtain the IO status, but cannot figure out if or how I could use the request to obtain the RSSI and operator name from the RUT360.

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by anonymous


It seems that you can use JSON-RPC in this case. I suggest taking a look at our wiki page here.

The wiki page includes an example that demonstrates how to use JSON-RPC and obtain information via HTTP posts. You can obtain signal quality information, including RSSI, using the 'gsmctl -q' command. Similarly, you can retrieve the name of the mobile operator using the 'gsmctl -o' command. If you require further commands or options, you can refer to 'gsmctl -h' to explore other gsmctl options. It's important to note that JSON-RPC allows you to execute various commands, including AT commands.

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