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by anonymous


I bought a used RUTX11 and I can't get it to work.

When after inserting a SIM card, I connect it to its power supply, only the Power LED is on and it flashes after 6 minutes.

I cannot connect via Ethernet or WiFi to the WEBUI.

No other LEDs lit.

The 220v - 12v power supply was tested with a voltmeter with 12.21v

I tried the Bootloader procedure with the latest firmware RUTX_R_00.07.04.3_WEBUI.bin, I wait and after six minutes the Power LED flashes and my WEBUI remains in “Update progress”.

Attached are screenshots.

My insurance asks me for an expertise and an estimate to repair this device.

I could not find support on the site.

Here is my video of the device getting started

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by anonymous

From what I can see, there is definitely something wrong with the device hardware.

It would be best if you sent this device for RMA via the location of purchase.

Even the images seem to be corrupted in some way, which we have never seen before.

Could you provide me with the SN number of the device, I would be able to find out more info about this particular router
by anonymous

thank you for your reply

SN number 1110839645

I don't know the professional dealer.

Do you think the router is definitely down?

What would be the cost of a repair?

I attach the screenshots

BootloaderFirmware update_@23h22Update in progress + 3mnUpdate in progress +6mn_Power LED blinking

Here is my video of the device getting started

by anonymous

Based on who purchased the device, the client is not a client facing company so there really isn't much I can help you there.

The issue is indeed strange, have you any option of trying to power the device not from the original PSU, maybe that's what failed? and when there is a bit higher load, the PSU just start failing.

you can power it via anything that's 9-50V DC for testing purposes.

We do not repair the devices unless it's warranty repair. The device is still ir warranty for another month, if you figure out how to get in touch with the guys who sold you the device, they might fill out a warranty request
by anonymous

Hello PauliusRug

thank you for your reply

Here are the different power tests carried out:

Power supply 220v - 12v 1.25A on an Ethernet cable in Passive PoE, no LED lights up.

Passive PoE

Power supply 220v - 12v 1.25A stabilized at 12.3v on Power socket 4 pin, no change compared to the Teltonika power supply.

Power socket

I contacted the French retailer, telling him that the device still has a month's warranty, he refuses to ask you for the warranty on the pretext that he no longer has a legal warranty (two years).

Can you send me a certificate that the device is out of order?

It would help me with the insurance.

I'm very bored.

by anonymous
I wrote you a DM so we could talk on the contents of the documents that would be required for you