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How do I send Latitude and Longitude live data from RUTX50 to Amazon Web Services (AWS)? I have to configure the map application.

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Good day

You can look into the following from our AWS IoT Hub where you can install the package to allow this to be done

The package for the AWS IoT Hub can be downloaded from the below

Please navigate to Services -> Package Manager -> Upload
Then you can install the package 

To help along with this, the Modbus on the router will be used to gather the information and send it off
The below can help in terms of sending this off

For that to work, the router should obtain information from itself via Modbus, meaning both Modbus master and Modbus slave features should be enabled and configured on the router, as per the example, together with Data to Server feature. 
Registers for the Co-Ordinates

Required Value Register Address Register Number  Number Of Registers      Representation
GPS latitude coordinate 143 144 2    32 bit float
GPS longitude coordinate 145 146 2    32 bit float

You can do so by checking this wiki article, to help out with Modbus registers


And alternatively, the below from Amazon blog post can be of help too