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by anonymous
I'm looking to develop a combined bandwith from 2 x sim cards with 2 x different providers, both 4g/Lte. Is this possible? And if so where are the instructions to configure this setup?  Both sim cards are inserted in the router which is connected to a Poynting XPOL 2 Cross Polarised Mimo Antenna fixed to the building at roof level, circa 3.3 KM from the 2 x providers masts. The sims are working individually and on a failover (I think the failover is working, but this is hard to test). The first sim producing 13 Mbps down and 18 Mbps up, the 2nd, 12 down and 14 up. Is there a formula for what can be achieved via carrier aggregation? And is it possible on the RUTX11 to set it up? Many thanks in advance!
by anonymous
IMHO, RUTX11 has only one modem. so, 1 or 2 sim cards does not matter.

Even if you have a router with 2 modems and 2 sim's, you can only get load balancing, but not carrier aggregation.
by anonymous
Thanks Voljka, however, on the Teltonika official product page:

"4G LTE CAT 6 Cellular speeds up to 300Mbps with Carrier Aggregation"

It's confusing!
by anonymous
No. Carrier aggregation is inside single modem, to reach max speed of this modem.

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by anonymous


Thank you for contacting

Our RUTX11 comes with only a single LTE module, So at a time only a single sim will be used as the WAN source.

Here Carrier aggregation on single LTE modem routers combines multiple LTE frequency bands or carriers to increase overall bandwidth, enabling higher data transfer rates. By simultaneously utilizing multiple component carriers, it enhances both download and upload speeds, optimizing the utilization of available spectrum for improved performance.

You can do it by navigating to Network > Mobile > Network Bands > Manual

Please refer this link on how to do it :