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by anonymous
I live in rural Wales, and obtain internet connectivity via 4g mobile data with an EE unlimited data plan. Speeds are meh, but usually adequate (24 - 40 Mbps, often much lower).

When I carry out certain activities, for example try to connect to a Minecraft server running on PebbleHost, via Curseforge, or when I log into Second Life, I lose internet connectivity and the activities fail. Usually the connection is restored within a minute or two, but occasionally I have to re-establish them manually.

The EE Sim card is in a Teltonika RUT 955 modem/router, which is connected via PoE to an Omada wireless access point. The antenna is a Poynting omnidirectional mounted on the outside wall of the house facing the 4g tower which is a couple of miles away.

To ensure consistent access for streaming services, etc., I also have a BT SmartHub 2 providing wired broadband (at 16Mbps on a good day)

The problems I encounter predate the installation of the BT hub by a long chalk. I also had similar problems when I was using SIMs from Vodafone and Smarty. Reasonable connection speeds but connection dropping when I carried out the actions above.

All the hardware is running on the latest available firmware, and my APN settings are as advised by the provider.

What is it about such apps/programs that could cause this behaviour?

Are there settings within the Router or Access Point I should be reviewing? Or anything else that strikes you as being likely responsible for the issues? Thanks in advance for any pointers!

Edit 27/06/2023 20:29 BST - I have progressively reduced the MTU to 1350 in steps of 10 and the problem persists. I've attached the latest troubleshooting file...

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by anonymous


First, since you are experiencing cellular connectivity issues with some applications, could you please try lowering the MTU? For this, navigate to Network -> Interfaces -> edit Mob1s1a1 interface. Within the advanced settings tab, try lowering the MTU to either 1400 or 1440.

If the issue persists, please, download a troubleshoot file and attach it to your question by editing it. The attached files are only visible to Teltonika moderators.

Kind Regards,