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by anonymous


I have a RUT955 router used to connect multiple devices to mobile internet. We have some devices, which have hard-coded ip addresses (such as Due to their subnet, they were not visible to other devices in the network. To be able to reach these devices, I moved the lan network over to subnet 192.168.2.x (see configuration bellow). This allows me to have all devices in the same subnet. However now all devices have no internet connection. How can I make sure, that mobile internet connection is also accessible from this different subnet?

Thank you for your help!

by anonymous

Hi, can you try to see if Teltonika router has internet connectivity by doing a simple ping test to any host on the internet? I'd recommend pinging a hostname to verify both internet connectivity and hostname resolution (try to ping / / if mobile network is not restricted).

If hostname resolution fails - try to ping some commonly used IP address directly ( / If that fails - double check if Teltonika router itself has default route (do ip route via CLI and check output - there should be a default route there).

If hostname resolution and internet connectivity is working on Teltonika router - do these hardcoded devices have default gateway set? If not - it won't be possible for these devices to route packets towards any network other than its own broadcast domain. You'll have to set default gateway on these devices.

Also, just as a general thing, try to validate if LAN connectivity is possible between Teltonika router and your end devices. That might be a thing worth looking at as well.

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