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by anonymous
Hi Teltonika. Just recieved your router. I'm not an expert but managed to create wireless connection with the home network! I wanted to create a mobile connection with Proximus 5G sim but whatever I do I cannot create connection. I scrolled through the internet but I found no "trick" to overcome the "challenge"! I also add the troubleshoot file for you guys/girls to check what I do wrong or what I'm missing from my provider. Upon recieving the router I performed firmware and modem update. I refrained to return to factory settings as I already "organised" all other settings.....

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by anonymous
While trying to fix a problem with 5G connection on mine dropping out, I discovered that in Sweden on Telenor network the 5G on RUTX50 works only if mixed 4G/5G is enabled, then the NSA mode is active. If I switch to "pure" 5G, then SA mode is forced and well, 5G stops working stone cold. So excellent speeds under mixed 4G/5G, no connection under pure 5G. What mode are you using for Proximus 5G? Maybe try mixed mode?
by anonymous
Hi DephiC, Thx for your feedback. I must admit I tried any combination in the settings (took me 2 days of testing)... When I look at the connection I see that the RUTX recognises the SIM card but makes no connection to the provider (Proximus). I tried to scan the provider and add manually but also this did not work. Regarding mixed modes I tried everything from auto, to mixed 4/5G to 5G only and nothing works... It makes me think the SIMcard I got has some (technical/setting) issue. Unfortunately I'm not expert enough to ask their helpdesk to help me with the settings as I do not know what to ask.... ;-(