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by anonymous

Hi !

I'm using SMS utilities to change profile. It works fine but there is no SMS feedback that it's changed. I also can't find any action to retrieve the current one, but there seems to have been one for an older firmware. 

Another way could have been using the action "Get list of profiles" where there was just an indication which of the listed profiles was active.

Is there another way ? 


Did a blogpost for my setup !


1 Answer

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by anonymous


The blog post that you have linked is quite interesting. Thank you for sharing.

To obtain the active profile via SMS, you can do the following:

Access the device via CLI/SSH and install jq:

  • opkg update
  • opkg install jq

Then, create a new SMS rule in Services -> Mobile Utilities -> SMS Utilities. Set the SMS text of your choice and select 'execute custom script' as the action. Then, add the following script:

  • ubus call profile list | jq -r '.profiles[] | select(.active == 1) | .name'

Now, make sure the rule is enabled and you should be able to obtain the active profile by sending the SMS with the configured SMS text.

Kind Regards,