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by anonymous


I have "accidentally" registered 4 RUT240 devices on the RMS account I have been using for testing. They are currently in a box being shipped somewhere in the UK, and will be turned on some time in the next 6 months. In the meantime, I'd like to unregister them from my test RMS so that I can register them in the "right" RMS when the time comes. However, it looks like the system won't let me.

My unregistration process is:

  1. Select the 4 systems to unregister
  2. Select "Unregister Devices"
  3. Confirm I want the devices unregistered, by clicking on the "confirm" button
  4. Get stuck with a dialog bog that I suspect should show progress, but only shows a close button (I've left it like that for about 30 minutes before giving up).
  5. When I press "CLOSE", the devices are still there.

I've also tried this on a single device, and by using the "Unregister Device" option when managing a single device - all with the same outcome.

Could anybody advise how I can get these removed?

Many thanks,


1 Answer

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by anonymous

Could you send serial numbers of the devices in a private message?

Best regards,
Best answer
by anonymous
Thanks for getting back to me & sorting this out!