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I have an RUT955 and had initially bought the 003R-00253 (5 in 1) antenna but it’s too big for my application. I have since bought the 003R-00254 (3 in 1). Wondering the compatibility with the wifi in the RUT955 as I’ll only be connecting one antenna, I’m aware that on PCI-e wifi cards there tends to be a `main` and  `aux` antenna ports. Is this the case with this modem? If so which would be the primary one?

For the LTE I know I’m fine to connect the antenna to the SIM1 as I’ll only be using one SIM card for now.

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For WiFi is not important to which connector you connect antenna.

For mobile is necessary connect LTE antenna to MAIN connector, details how to determine it https://wiki.teltonika.lt/view/RUT955_front_and_back_panels#Main.2FAux_antenna_connectors