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Hello, I have a new RUT240 with 4G sim card, with DENAT service active on my mobile operator (I have a public IP, but it is not static, I use DDNS service for this reason)

Address translation works fine, but only on the same port.

If I map port forwarding on different internal port, it does not work .

EX. :  210.30.x.y  port 443 >> port 443    WORKS

EX. :  210.30.x.y  port 5000 >> port 443    NOT WORKS

why ???

1 Answer

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by anonymous
Hi, I think you are using https server.

Does your server accept https headers with port 5000?
Best answer
I have a small webserver : really there are 4 hardware honeywell servers for fancoils monitoring , behind rut240.

I tried port 443, port 1000, port 444, 5000, 10.000.... nothing.

It works only as NAT but not translate port.... It is a big problem :(

I have a single Public IP but 4 internal server, that I have to reach with a minimun of 4 external different ports.

For safety rule, it is better to change public port 443 in something else...

thank you!
by anonymous
Can you list your RUT2 firewall rules via ssh or CLI?

iptables -S -tnat

It must do full NAT with port changes. It's not a special function.