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We are using the LAN port to connect to our devices through an USB to ETHERNET converter but in the high temperature the converter needs to disconnect from the host and reconnected to operate in good way, our system is a SCADA system and working 24/7 .

I think if we used either the USB to serial or RS 232 with all the features of the LAN port, specially port forwarding.

Please assure me if we can use the port forwarding ( forward 10 ports ) with either of these methods and which is higher speed and more dependable, then please refer me the right way to configure the ROUTER to be tested.

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by anonymous

Could you add topology how everything now is connected and another topology with description what you want to make?
The current topology is as follow:

The RUT955 Router has a 3G sim card for the connection> then LAN1 port of the router is connected to an ETHERNET to USB converter>the converter is connected to the host trough a USB port (only USB for remote connections). and this converter in high temperature needs to be restarted periodically, so i want to replace this converter with any end-to-end connection.

The another topology i want to be:

The RUT955 router>serial or USB port >the host  trough a USB port. Knowing that we use port forwarding that must be work effectively as the original topology.
by anonymous

Unfortunately USB port do not have such feature which you want.