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by anonymous
I am a developer of a zwave daemon communicating on MQTT (mosquitto). This daemon is intended for CPE:s and is currently running on Inteno-CPE:s and CTS CPE:s. It would be nice to be able to place it on for example a RUT955.

The application is written in C and an appropriate build environment would be needed.

  // Martin

1 Answer

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by anonymous


You can implement new functions into the software by using GPL package. You will need to edit source files and then you can compile your own FW version.

Instructions for GPL package:

Install & Build
    1. We recommend to use Ubuntu 16.04 LTS from
    2. It may succeed with older versions of Ubuntu.
    3. You must have internet connection for compilation.       

    1.  Please update the list of available packages:
       ~#sudo apt-get dist-upgrade # Not sure if this was really necessary.
       ~#sudo apt-get install git # I'm guessing some sources are git repos.
       ~#sudo apt-get install texinfo # This one was key because it also installed makeinfo.
       ~#sudo apt-get update
       ~#sudo apt-get install libncureses-dev zlib1g-dev subversion gawk

    2. Building the image & loader.

        (1). Extract source package to folder.
        (2). Change your working directory to extracted folder.
                ~#cd "path to source folder"       
        (3). To build image enter following commands:
        After make successfully, under "bin/ar71xx/tltFws/", you will get the normal image file "RUT9XX_R_XXX.xx.xxx_WEBUI.bin". xx firmware version.

    3. Update the new firmware by web interface provided by device.
    4. Congratulations! You got your specific image now.

After compiling your own FW version you can upload it to your router.

Best answer
by anonymous
Thanks for the answer!

I see that you are using OpenWRT and that is fairly simple to use. The only question now is whether the kernel has USB-support for the z-wave Controller dongle or not. Need to buy myself a RUT955 to test that.

The easiest way to install the packages on the GW would be to set up a package repository and install them with the ipk utility.
FYI, Teltonika: The instructions are different (out of date?) in the README file at root of the GPL package.

Please update the README file as well.

Last night I tried to compile the source without success, probably because of those missing packages...