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by anonymous


There is something confusing for me in ...

>>> In the RUT955 dynamic DNS configuration wiki page, there is a "IP address source" field. We must select "private" if the RUT has a private IP (10.x.y.z).

This is my case. My sim card comes from the switzerland LYCAMOBILE provider.

>>> in the DDNS configuration wiki page, the preconditions is that the RUT must have a public address

The same preconditions exists for all DNS services.

In conclusion, but I hope I am wrong, the RUT955 cannot use DDNS service if the provider provides a private address for the sim card. And probably other services !

Is it possible to request a public address for a 4G sim ?

Do you have a list of 4G providers assigning public ip address in my country for a RUT955 (Switzerland) ?

Thank's you

1 Answer

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by anonymous

All operators could provide you public IP address.

First you have to contact your operator and sign a contract that operator give you public IP.

Usually operator give APN which you have enter to router WebUI to get the public IP.
by anonymous

Unfortunately Lycamobile-switzerland seems to not provide a public IP when you sign a contract.

Lyca gives APN,user,password but assigns private ip address.