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by anonymous
Is it possible to feed the TRB142 with $GNGGA strings to transmit them to the ntrip server?

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by anonymous


You can set Default NMEA string: Optional NMEA string that will be used as default value when initiating connection to NTRIP server (this value is only sent to server if there is no NMEA from device GPS device.

Example of that string:  $GPGGA,123519,4807.038,N,01131.000,E,1,08,0.9,545.4,M,46.9,M,,*47'

Best answer
by anonymous

thanks a lot for your answer.

Did I understand correctly: If I connect a device to the RS232 port which sends a $GPGGA string to the TRB142, this string will be transmitted to the NTRIP server? Or did you mean a internal GPS port of the TRB142?
by anonymous
by anonymous
Sorry, but your last anwer is not really satisfying. In fact this is the text of the wiki page: "Optional NMEA string that will be used as the default value when initiating the connection to the NTRIP server (this value is only sent to the server if there is no NMEA from router's GPS device)"

Actually I can't buy the TRB142 with a internal GPS device. It's not mentioned here:

So there are a lot NTRIP casters which require a NMEA string from the NTRIP client not only when initiating the connection, they need it maybe every 5 seconds. If there is no option to do this, a NTRIP client doesn't make sense to me on this device. Is there definetly no option to transmit the received NMEA position by the RS232 interface to the NTRIP caster?

Is it possible to get the source of the ntripclient and make adaptions to this module? I think this is based on the open source bkg ntripclient?
by anonymous
Could you provide test account for NTRIP? If yes, send me details in private message. Then we could check with TRB and RUT955 if it will work with your server.
by anonymous
PM should be in your inbox.