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As reported by quite a few recently, the Web UI service from within the RMS interface is not working for me.  I get the error:

An error has occured while trying to browse through the proxy.
Failed to connect to device. Possible problems are that the server was not found, the connection timed out, or the connection refused by the host. Try connecting again and check if the address is correct.

One reason for trying to connect remotely is I want to find the device's public (WAN) IP address as it is re-allocated each time it re-connects to the mobile network, so I cannot reach it, or indeed the security system I have behind the router.

So does the RMS page for the device show the public IP currently assigned?  I cannot seem to see it.

Thanks for any thoughts. ideas or solutions.


...  and as if by magic (this always happens!) I have now found the public IP of the device on the RMS. On main Overview page, scroll down to below the Devices Map section and click the icon in the Actions Column which is for Device Details.

On resultant page, on RHS is a section called Mobile Details.  In there is the item Mobile IP - TahDah!

NB: Web UI still doesn't work (for me) however.

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Take note that you can customize router's overview page so that mobile IP address would be always displayed for you in the table in the bottom of the menu. To do that, open navigation bar in the right corner and select "Mobile IP":

You can also find out router's IP address by sending "admin01 status" SMS message to the router (just replace "admin01" with actual router's password).

Regarding your device not being reachable from RMS, could you let us know your device's serial number to begin with?


Device Serial is: 09309265

F/W: RUT2XX_R_00.01.07.1