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by anonymous

I have a software that needs to communicate with a USB dongle key installed on a USB port
I see that the RUT955 has a 'usb server' configurable by Services / UsbTools
Question is: this service can be used to communicate, from a PC on a local network, with a USB dongle key installed on the usb port of the router?

1 Answer

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by anonymous
by anonymous

Thank you for the reply, but mine is not an USB memory stick
It's a usb dongle to protect a programs
And so I don't think using a 'samba server' would be useful in this case


Hi, this feature is implemented with usbip drivers:
Router doesn't care what device usb frames it is sending over the network. Only your pc should have drivers and software needed for the device (I think this is your case).

by anonymous
Usbip seem to be a solution, but i can't understand exactly how communicate with a pc Windows

On router what can i configure?

And on pc Windows, i need ONLY a usbip driver, is correct?
how i install that software to RUT955?