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i need to use node.js on the device and node.js complains about an illegal instruction.
this is due to that node.js does not work without an FPU:

compare: https://github.com/nxhack/openwrt-node-packages/tree/for-15.05
"V8 JIT code generates FP instruction. Node.js does not work without hardware FPU or kernel FPU emulation."

A Solution is to turn on the MIPS_FPU_EMULATOR in the kernel_menuconfig options / kernel_type / [*] MIPS FPU Emulator

I know that i can compile my own Firmware with this support (and i will do that on this weekend, since it is raining).
But maybe for future releases it would help not to recompile the wheel all the time ;)

Thank you


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Unfortunately not planned to add such feature in near future.
Hi anonymouse,

i am not quite sure if you understood me correctly. I DO NOT want you to add node.js as it is too big for the 16MBytes of Flash and not a lot of people need this.

I just wantet to ask if you could compile future Kernel with the MIPS_FPU_Emulation flag, which enables me to install and run node.js myself without recompiling everything. (nodejs complains about missing fpu support)

I hope i didn't offend you :)