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Doesn't matter the firmware I can't make simple port forwarding rules working. Only thing working is putting the end machine on a DMZ. No remote http/https nor openvpn server configuration working neither

2 Answers

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by anonymous

Tested with latest firmware ( ) and the port forward is working. Make  sure that:

- router has public IP address;

- router is reachable remotely via internet;

- port forward rule configured correctly, you need to enter external port, internal IP and internal port of the device you are trying to reach. More information:

If configured correctly but you still cannot reach it, check if devices (which you are trying to reach) has correct gateway set. It should be routers LAN IP, for example

Furthermore try pinging device IP from router (via SSH or CLI) and see if you can reach it from router.
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My router have a public IP

It's not reachable from internet whereas the remote access and the forwarding rules are activated

I can ping and nc my router with success from internet

I can also ping my local device from the router

Thank you for your help