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by anonymous
Hi, is it possible to use the MAC address of connecting devices to reserve IP-address in the RUTX09 DHCP-server?

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by anonymous


Unfortunately there is still no option to configure static leases in WebUI. However, you can do it via SSH, here is a brief guide:

1. Connect to router via SSH.

2. Open up /etc/config/dhcp using vi text editor: <vi /etc/config/dhcp>

3. Add the following lines as per example:

  • ip: This defines the IP address that you want to associate to a specific device.
  • mac: This defines the MAC address of the device(s). You can add multiple MAC addresses separated by commas, however this can cause issues if more than one of them are in use at the same time.
  • name: This assigns the lease a name. This will help you identify which rule is which, as a name is easier to recognise than a MAC address.

4. Restart dnsmasq service for changes to take effect: </etc/init.d/dnsmasq restart>

5. Your device should receive the configured IP address.

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by anonymous

Thank you

I use this a lot, wish it could be done through the WebUI.
by anonymous


In the newest firmware RUTX_R_00.02.01.1, static dhcp lease feature is implemented.

Please upgrade by going to WebUI > Firmware > Upgrade firmware and choose to upgrade from server.

I hadn't noticed this after I updated, but sure enough it is there now and I just used it.

Great feature, thanks Teltonika for adding this!