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by anonymous
Got an RUTX09 unit and want to set up with dual SIM cards (no WAN) with failover between them.

Tested both SIMs independently and they work fine. When both are inserted, SIM1 is active and SIM2 is showing as status stopped. No matter what I configure in SIM settings or the failover config I cannot get SIM2 active. Even removing SIM1 doesn't do that trick.

I expect to be missing out some obvious step but need help in finding out what that is.
by anonymous
how is the load balancing between 2 sims is supposed to work if it doesn't support 2 sim cards simultaneously. it is a nice unit but we bought it for the purpose of load balancing and it seems that the device is not able to achieve that? even though there is a setting for this?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Fist of all, make sure you are using latest firmware version for RUTX09 device ( ). In order to make SIM switch from SIM 1 to SIM 2 make sure you have enabled " Enable automatic switching" on both SIM card interfaces and select condition, for example "On data connection fail" select ICMP echo and save it.

After removing SIM card 1 router should switch to SIM 2, after removing SIM card 2 router should switch back to SIM 1.

If you still have issue regarding with SIM switch - download troubleshoot file and send it to me (PM).
by anonymous
Following your advice that works. Thanks a lot.

However, my plan is to have both SIMs in the device at all times. SIM 1 being the primary (set as such in the config) and SIM 2 only be used as needed. Once failover to SIM 2 has happened how will it failback when SIM 1 comes back online as I need this to be the primary connection when available (cost and IP differences).
by anonymous
Good to hear. RUTX09 has only 1 LTE module and for this reason only 1 SIM card slot can be active at the same time. If you need to have 2 SIM card working at the same time then you need to wait for our RUTX12 which will have 2 LTE modules and will be able to support both SIM cards at the same time.

More information about RUTX12 can be found here (page 22 and 26):'%20JULY.pdf
by anonymous
Ah ha.

So failover is really only 1 way as the primary single modem detects an issue and I assume flips to the second SIM and hopefully that works. It if does then it is stuck there as SIM 1 can never come back online anyways with only 1 modem in play. Good to know, a shame the 1 direction failover limitation wasn't so clear.

To be honest the RTUX09 is acting as a failover unit for my VDSL connection. A 2 SIM failover is a bit overkill anyways. :0)

Appreciate the response, loving the device. Nice and solid, worlds apart from the consumer junk that is out there. Netgear and TP-Link I am talking about you... ;0)
by anonymous
Thank you for your feedback, appreciated.
by anonymous
Would that be offered in a rack mount format or with rack-mount adapters?

P.S. Please implement Wireguard support.
by anonymous

Wireguard will be added to all Teltonika's devices which have package manager 2020 may.
by anonymous

WireGuard is going to be released with the new RutOS firmware tomorrow.

I am a little confused, does this mean that unless I remove my first sim card the second sim card will not be connected? So how is the failover to work? I mean I am not going to sit there and wait for a failure to remove the card when it does so it will move tot he second sim