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by anonymous
Good day,

I operate the o.g. Router with a Vodafone SIM card.

The internet access works.

It is the latest firmware installed.

A DynDNS entry is used to set up access from the Internet to the router or to computers connected to the LAN port.

Failover is switched off and the router only establishes the Internet connection via the SIM card.

The page displays an address from the area 100.76.x.x.

The setting for ICMP Request from the WAN is switched on.

If I set as Source Public in the Dyndns configuration, an address 109.x.x.x for DynDNS is entered.

A ping to this address (IP and DNS) does not work (neither from the LAN nor from the WAN)

I can not assign the address 109.x.x.x either.

If I set in the Dyndns configuration as Source Custom and WAN, the address from the range 100.76.x.x for DynDNS is entered.

A ping to this address (IP and DNS) from the WAN does not work.

From the LAN, I can ping both the IP address and the DNS address.

Have I overlooked any setting or may there be a defect on the device?

Yours sincerely

Michael Smeets

1 Answer

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by anonymous


From your description it seems that SIM card which you are using in the router simply does not have "Public IP address". I.e.:

 - Router can see, that it receives "100.76.x.x" IP address from mobile operator

 - From "outside" (internet) same IP address is visible as "109.x.x.x"

 - Since these two IP addresses does not match, this indicates that SIM card receives "Private IP address" from mobile operator. If needed, we have a wiki article where Public and Private IP address aspects are explained in more detail. You can find article here:

Solution in this case is simple: you would need to contact your SIM card provider and ask for "Public IP service" to be enabled on this particular SIM card.

Once you do that, take note that there is easier way to check if router have received Public IP from operator:

 - Navigate to router's "Status -> Network -> WAN" menu and check router's "IP address"

 - Try to access internet from any device, which is connected to this router, and visit any web page, which would show router's IP address, which is visible from "outside", e.g.

 - Compare both IP addresses. If they match - you have Public IP address.