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Dear all,

I am trying to create a GRE over IP SEC tunnel between two RUT950 with dynamic public IP addresses. Do you know if this can be achieved? I created 2 duckdns accounts in order to update the public IP between the two routers but it seems that this setting is invalid. Is there any other option??

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Currently hostnames cannot be used as VPN endpoints in GRE. However, Teltonika routers supports many other VPN protocols.

 If you just need VPN tunnels with dynamic IPs and encryption:

- OpenVPN also uses encryption and can support DDNS (more information here)

- If you specifically want IPsec, you could use L2TP over IPsec (more information here)

By the way, could you please let me know why you need GRE over IPsec with dynamic Public IPs?

 Best of Luck,


Hello Lukas,

Thank you for your reply. What I am planning to do is to create a GRE over IPSEC tunnel in order to pass OSPF routing updates from the 4G interface and I do not have 4G SIM cards with static IP address. Thats why I was wondering if this could be achieved with dynamic DNS.