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by anonymous
I have a RUT955 with a modbus RTU RS485 device connected directly. The 955 is a OpenVPN client. I have successfully setup the RTU device to be available via a modbusTCP connection via OpenVPN by allowing connection from the OpenVPN server IP on port 502. This all works fine.

I want to also monitor the RUT955 itself using modbusTCP, if I turn on the modbus TCP service and allow remtoe connection at a port like 50023, this will work but the connection to the RS485 device will stop working.

Why does this happen? Can both work at the same time ? Any help is greatly appreciated :)

EDIT: The Modbus monitoring is being done by the same SCADA software on the OpenVPN server, at same IP.

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by anonymous

We tested it on the newest firmware and it seems to work fine, we received modbus data from both slave device connected to RUT955 via RS485 and from RUT955 itself. If you are using older firmware, can you try upgrading it?