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Dear all,

Below is my lab topology. R1 and R2 are RUT950 and R3 is a Mikrotik router for interconnection with no special configuration

My goal is to encrypt all the traffic between R1 and R2 and also to be able to pass routing updates from OSPF protocol. Until now I managed to configure GRE tunnel and also pass the OSPF routing updates.I managed to capture the traffic on R3 and I can see the OSPF traffic. I also configured IPSEC but I am not sure if it encrypts all the traffic because after the IPSEC configuration I am able to capture OSPF traffic on R3 again. Can you please advice? Below is my IPSEC configuration?

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Currently it would seem that additional development need to be done to router's firmware in order to support GRE over IPsec, 

But please keep in mind that on RUT routers have L2TP over IPsec functionality.
Instruction You can find in Teltonika WiKi