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The latest firmware RUT9XX_R_00.06.04.1 does not have an SNMP package. It is not in the packages installed and there are no settings in the web interface. This will be so or this is an oversight when assembling the new version. SNMP is very necessary because we have a large number of RUT955 from which the data was collected via SNMP and at the moment it is not possible with the new firmware.

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In order to maximize the functionality of our products, we have removed some services from the service tab, including SNMP, and created a Package tab where you can install SNMP and other services.

You can do that by navigate to:

System > Packages > Available

You can find more information:

Yes it can be installed separately, but this is not an option. My equipment works in a closed network without access to the Internet and it will take a lot of time to install a separate SNMP package on a large number of devices.
Please try to contact your sales manager regarding custom FW version.
I have exactly the same problem as described above. After updating the SW we lost the SNMP control over the RUT950 working in the closed network. We using about 40 devices. Could you share the package file to enable installation on routers without access to internet?