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With the latest firmware (RUTX_R_00.01.06) I was able to bridge the mobile connections to another router. I just had to insert the MAC address of the other router in the Mobile Connection confirguration. And it works perfectly. DHCP is handled now by the other router.

The problem I am facing now is that I can't access the web interface of the RUTX09 anymore.

Any hints?

Thanks a lot!

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by anonymous

Bridge mode disables most of the routers functions including DHCP. So in order to reach routers WebUI you need to set a static IP on your PC NIC (network interface card).

Thanks for your answer!

Just one more question: How do I have to configure the LAN interface on the RUTX09? DHCP is switched off, since it is running on the other router which receives the bridged public IP address. 

What config do you recommend fo the RUTX09 LAN interface? Manual IP address and same Subnet Mask as on the other router? (in my case

Thanks for your help!


by anonymous
Can you please describe in more detail what you want to achieve? Regarding RUTX09 LAN configuration I recommend checking our Wiki page: for more information.

Thanks for your reply, I'll explain my setup a bit more detailed.

I have 2 routers in my network

Router A (RUTX09) is handling the WAN connectivity with 2 LTE SIM Cards, and bridging the public IP address to Router B (Asus).

Router B (Asus) is handling all the network managment like: DHCP, NAT, DNS, DynDNS, Firewall, and VPN client and VPN server. Router B (Asus) has a manual IP address and is using the net mask and is distributing internal IP addresses over DHCP.

Physically both routers are connected as with an Ethernet Cable, LAN Port 1 on Router A (TUTX09) and WAN Port on Router B (Asus).

The reason I want to access the web interface of Router A (RUTX09) is because I need no manage the 2 WAN Ports (LTE SIM cards) e.g. switching ports, fail over scenarios.


1) is it possible to reach the router A (RUTX09) web interface from the Router B (Asus) network? if yes, how should I configure the LAN interface on router A (RUTX09)? Fixed IP, what net mask? Or enable DHCP client to pick up an IP address from router B (Asus)?

2) Is it better to connect directly to the router A (RUTX09)? then how should look the LAN interface config on the router A (RUTX09). Manual IP address and what net mask? The client PC needs certainly a manual IP address, since no DHCP service is running on router A (RUTX09).

Thanks for helping! :-)



by anonymous

Regarding your questions:

1. To access RUTX09 WebUI from your Asus router, you need to set static IP on Asus wired WAN. If RUTX09 LAN network is try setting on Asus wired WAN and you should be able to access RUTX09 WebUI.

2. Yes, I recommend connecting directly to RUTX09 WebUI from PC with static IP address.

Solution 1. seems to be like double NAT.

I have the same question, how to access the RUTX09 with bridge mode enabled.

Any ideas?