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by anonymous

The status > network > openvpn windows is always empty.

Ifconfig display the tunnel

openvpn process is running

Excepted a message (write to TUN ... invalid argument (code=22)) there is no specific message in the log.

What could be the reason ?
Same problem here.

FW ver.: RUT9XX_R_00.06.04.5

VPN mode: Client
Protocol: udp:1195
Remote GW: pfSense 2.4.4
Authentication: TLS
Enc: BF-CBC 128
Auth ALG: SHA1

Tunnel working, no evidence of problems in logs,

1 Answer

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by anonymous

RUT9XX_R_00.06.04.2 firmware is available, upgrade and you should see information in Status > Network > Openvpn.

Did you manage to connect to OpenVPN server? I did some research on OpenVPN server on Mikrotik, and it has a few limitations:

Clients must use TCP connection and SHA1 authentication algorithm.

Have you enabled openvpn logging on Mikrotik and looked at the logs?

Have you tried pinging a servers tunnel endpoint IP address?
by anonymous
Yes I can connect to RUT955 from my Mikrotik router (with tcp and sha1).

I also can ping server and client.
by anonymous
Oh, so tunnel is working. If the issue was the status information, it should be working fine now as of newest firmware.
by anonymous
Not for me ! openvpn information always empty with the 04.1 version

And always "...invalid argument (code=22)" in the log