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by anonymous

I`m currently working on a project which involves condition monitoring on vehicles. I`m making use of mobile network.

1.I have configured and setup the mobile part and have connection to the internet

2. I`ve created a VPN- PPTP client on the RUT955 which connects to our Windows 2016 Server which is hosted through our ISP and the server is accessible via RDP.

3. Server`s Static IP is; VPN IP -

4. Teltonika RUT955 WAN(Mobile) IP (Dynamic); VPN (Dynamic), Router LAN

5. The Teltonika connects via PPTP to the Windows server sucessfully. If I RDP in to the server, get the VPN ip of the Teltonika under Remote Clients( and open it on a browser I can connect to the teltonika RUT955`s web interface and login to the router.

6. I want to be able to browse/see/ping other devices web interfaces connected to the RUT955 LAN(example: Arduino UNO ethernet) on port 85. The local IP of the Arduino on the RUT955 is

If I`m connected directly to the RUT955`s LAN with my PC, I`m able to browse and get to the web interface of the Device. I`ve tried to browse the device on the RDP server( but it does not connect .

I`ve selected port 85 for internal and external and point it to under firewall rules.

I`ve also enabled WAN/LAN Pass through(Does this direct all WAN traffic comming from outside to LAN internally?)

I`ve read through the port forwarding wiki and it seems if I`m doing everything correctly.

How would you configure such a rule, please give me an example that I can compare to my rule please!?

Or If I need to change my setup to reach the devices within RUT955 LAN remotely.

I`ve tried DDNS, it says its connected on the RUT955`s webinterface under DDNS settings, but when I open the DDNS address in Firefox/Chrome/Edge, I get unable to connect.

I've tried using DMZ on which I thought would give me access over the PPTP VPN when I`m on the server, but I still get the Teltonika RUT955 login page.

Please help me, I need to solve this a.s.a.p.

(I`ve tried the wiki pages without any success)

I think I have an almost identical situation, and i also cannot connect to devices behind the RUT955.
Did you succeed?
by anonymous
I am also struggling to connect to LAN device from VPN..

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by anonymous

Can You show me detailed topology (with all IP addresses) of this project, to better understand the issue here?