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by anonymous
Thanks again

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Hello, Clarkman!

As I see in Malaysia, these frequencies are used:

4G: B3, B7

3G: B1, B8

2G: 900 MHz, 1800 MHz

According to these frequencies, devices with the corresponding product code can be selected:

RUT230 * 0 ****

RUT240 * 6 ****

RUT850 9 *****

RUT900 S *****

RUT950 U *****

RUT955 T *****

RUTX09 0 *****

TRB140 0 *****

TRB142 0 *****

TRB145 0 *****

All these devices support operation at the desired frequencies.

As for the global version, many of the devices have such options, I suggest you go to the link below and get acquainted with them:

All options are there. Knowing the frequencies at which the router should work, you could choose the best solution for you.

Regards, Aliaksandr!

by anonymous
You guys are awesome!  Thank you for answering all of my questions promptly!