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I have a RUT955 and would like to use is strictly as an NTP Server for another network, is this possible?

I currently have the router configured as a client on another network via the WAN port (static IP of The GPS and NTP features are turned on and work fine when a device is connected to any of the LAN ports of the device (referencing Remote access is enabled so I can log in via the 10.78.. address as well. Using an NTP checking tool I do not get a response from the device via the 10.78.. address, is it possible to configure it to do so?

Our network is already established so using the RUT955 as our primary router is out of the question.


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by anonymous


Make sure NTP server is enabled

Navigate to Network > Firewall > Traffic Rules

In Open Ports On Router section allow 123 port to accept traffic as per example:

Click Add and then Save.

You should now be able to access NTP server through WAN.


Unfortunately that did not work. I created the rule and did a reboot of the machine but I am still unable to query via the a NTP checking utility as well as setting it as my NTP server in windows 10.

Here is the config

Any further advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

by anonymous
Hello, I'm currently consulting with our RnD department on this. I'll get back to you with more information.